About Dr. Jablow

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Dr Jennifer Jablow is well known for creating the gorgeous grins of FORD Models, Victoria Secret Angels, Talk show hosts, CEOs, Fashionistas, Music Stars and many other celebrities. She was recently given the Grooming Award from Men's Health and called the "SMILE MAKER". Mens' Vogue dubbed her the "Tooth Fairy" and she was named in the Financial Times as the "fastest rising star" in cosmetic dentistry. She is a regular on air contributor as a dental expert discussing products, procedures and health issues. Dr Jablow has been featured as a "Life Changer" on EXTRA! TV and also is frequently written about in print such as Marie Claire, SELF, Town & Country, New York Times, Readers Digest, ELLE, New Beauty, Prevention, Men's Health, Men's Vogue, Fitness, SHAPE, and many more. After years of research Dr Jablow created the IntelliWHiTE oral care system which combines revolutionary delivery, formulations and safety for at home and on the go use. It has won many awards and has improved the smiles of over 150,000 smiles to date as of November 2011.

Dr. Jennifer Jablow graduated from NYU Dental School where she was awarded a full academic scholarship. She continued another year other post graduate periodontic residency at NYU and participated in many research projects. Dr. Jablow works on the philosophy that only excellence is acceptable. She is practiced in all the best techniques in cosmetic and general dentistry. She constantly keeps informed of the ever changing/ improving in techniques and materials.


"I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work, and always strive to surpass the expectations of my patients. I do this by taking the time to discuss the goals and needs of each patient in addition to making my initial exam. That way, I can combine what I know of a patient's physical well-being with my knowledge of their lifestyle to provide truly individualized treatment that works. I hope you'll come in to see us soon. I know you'll be impressed by the service you receive and the beautiful new smile I can help you achieve!"